Why Golf Betting Became More Popular in Recent Years

When it comes to sports betting, people always seem to bet on football, cricket, horse riding, basketball, or other sports. Though there is an option to bet on golf tournaments, not many gamblers show interest in it. However, things have changed recently. More people are now enthusiastic about betting on golf.

One of the main reasons for it is the increase in the number of professional golf tours. These tours encourage people to get on various tournaments. As golf has become a very active sport nowadays in terms of events, there are lots of opportunities to win money by betting on golf.

The chance to place live bets is another reason for the popularity of golf betting. The PGA Tour and the European tour have come up with a new game with IMG Arena allowing gamblers to place live bets.

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made sports betting legal in 21 states. So, more gamblers now bet on different sports including golf. The sportsbooks now consider that the popularity of golf is more than that of car racing. It’s still not as popular as football or basketball when it comes to betting, but it is not that far behind either.

Most people want to win more by spending less money and golf offers exactly that. Without spending much money, you have a lot of betting opportunities in golf. Different betting apps are now available which attracts more gamblers to bet on golf.

There are many legal online casinos where you can place bets on different golf tournaments confidently. If you regularly bet on golf, you have a good chance of winning a lot of money within a short time. For Canadian players, check Online Casino List Canada for more the best legal online casinos.

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